Beaches at San Francisco

The beaches around san Francisco are not the type where you go swimming or sunbathing anytime since the water here is extremely cold and fog does its thing better than the sun. However, there are some extremely beautiful and amazing beaches. The only bad thing that sets in is that residents don’t even remember they exist. Our job is to give you some nice places to kill your boredom and you might find it interesting to pay a visit and check in to the following;

Beaches at San FranciscoBaker Beach

The beach, being one of the most popular beaches at San Francisco, you will always find the parking full on a rare sunny day and this serves as evident on how popular it is. The beach has picnic site.  It is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Be warned that swimming can be fatal here because of the currents. They are extremely dangerous.

Crissy field

What was once a United States army field was transformed to become one of the san Francisco’s heaven and a gem. Only the new who visit san Francisco may not notice the transformation which has taken place here. Before the development changes, the place was full of toxic and hazardous materials dumped by the army. The park service did a recommendable job and brought Crissy park into glory. Currently, it is one of the best beaches you want to visit every time you are at San Francisco thanks to tidal lagoon, bird watching activities, windsurfers, and many more. We cannot also fail to mention the stunning view of the golden gate, angel island and Marine headlands.

Ocean beach

Described as San Francisco’s only beach with fire pits. The beach is best known for surfing. It has a 3.4-mile-long beach for pros and experienced surfers. In addition, it is San Francisco’s widest beach. Like said earlier, the beach also experiences high tides and currents so you should not attempt to swim lest you lose your life. Another fascinating fact is that the beach has a 16 fire rings. The rings are available from march to October each year. You need to be there quite early because they get snatched so early and quickly. Try your luck on a weekend and get a moment of your life.

Due to storms, the magnetite particles wash the shores and the sand at the beach tends to get black so don’t get confused and think that the beach is polluted.  When the tides are a bit low, you can take a walk to Ortega street and see the wrecked parts of “king Philip”, one of the ships dating back to 1850s. it is a rare instance, but once you get a chance it is cool.

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