San Francisco’s architectural landmarks

No doubt that san Francisco is the jewel of N. California. It is a tourist destination and once the home to the united nations. Besides the amazing Victorian homes, it is also home to most eclectic architectural achievements. Golden gate is the most popular every time you hear of san Francisco. If you love traveling and seeing a landmark in each city, this city has a lot to offer especially the beautiful architectural landmarks.

Be careful when you’re driving to any landmark in San Francisco. It is a very densely populated city with lots of traffic congestion. At these landmark’s, the city really is strict on rules for parking. Make sure you read the signs when you park, to make sure its a legal spot. Auto Towing is one of the towing services that San Francisco uses if your car gets towed from a landmark.

Columbus tower landmark

columbus tower landmark in san francisco

Sentinel is the other name of this building. Columbus tower is more than a century old. The piece was built in 1907. Some of the materials used in its construction (tiles and copper) give it its unique looks. Ever heard of the grateful dead? Probably yes. It was an American rock band which was formed in the 1960s. the band used to record their songs at the basement of this building. The building is not far from the TransAmerica pyramid. If you are an enthusiast of history you should pay a visit to this architectural marvel. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee at café zoetrope which is situated on the ground floor.

Haas Lilienthal

One of the Victoria homes in the San Francisco which is still intact. Designed by Peter Schmidt in 1886. The Haas house is open to the public so every time you stop at san Francisco make sure you visit this landmark. It is was occupied by people who had an upper-middle-class life in the Victoria era. One of the features that make this landmark unique is that it withstood the earthquakes and fires during those times. Currently, the SF heritage organization maintains it so that it remains a heritage and an enjoyment feature to generations.

Legion of honor palace

Located on the hills found above the golden gate. Its positioning makes it look like the Columbus tower. It overlooks the golden gate and the Pacific Ocean and stands with pride. The building host the art museum and you should check in to see the amazing works of artists all over America. The finishing and the interior design of this building are astonishing and breathtaking.

If you’re interested in the TransAmerica building, read this article when you want to fill your curiosity.